Mr Heater Buddy

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Mr Heater Buddy Series

Mr Heater Buddy product line started in 1999 with their new indoor-safe portable heater, The Portable Buddy®, witch reported a great success in the heating devices market. Nowadays, Mr. Heater is one of the best known brands in North America for indoor & outdoor propane* heaters with over $60 million in sales.

Mr Heater Buddy heaters are easy to use, effective, sturdy and available in a great variety, whether you have to warming warehouses, factories, auto repair shops, loading docks and farm buildings or you are planning extreme ice fishing or hunting adventure. When choosing a Buddy heater you want to think about what you want to use for. It is helpful to think about things as: indoor and/or outdoor use, heated surface that is related to BTU** output, low oxygen shutoff system, conditions for combustion*** air and ventilation and price.

Which model of heater is right for you? For that proceed to determine the BTU's Requirements. Firstly, you have to determin the volume of room being heated by using formula:

Length x Width x Height = VOLUME (cubic feet);

Secondly establish the Desired Temperature Increase to be gained by using the Mr. Heater Buddy heater device. Use formula:

Desired temperature - Space temperature = Desired Temperature Increase;

Thirdly, Calculate:

BTU's required = Total Cubic Feet x Desired Temperature Increase x 0.133.

Total Cubic Feet Desired Temperature Increase (Fahrenheit)
20 Degrees 30 Degrees 40 Degrees
1,000 Cu. Ft. 2,660 BTU 3,990 BTU 5,320 BTU
2,000 Cu. Ft. 5,320 BTU 7,980 BTU 10,640 BTU
3,000 Cu. Ft. 7,980 BTU 11,970 BTU 15,960 BTU
5,000 Cu. Ft. 13,300 BTU 19,950 BTU 26,600 BTU
7,000 Cu. Ft. 18,620 BTU 27,930 BTU 37,240 BTU
10,000 Cu. Ft. 26,600 BTU 39,900 BTU 53,200 BTU

Like all modern indoor propane heaters the Buddy Heater line products have built in safety features (Accidental Tip-Over Shut-Off Switch and Low Oxygen Safety Shut-Off Switch), which enable them to be used indoors.  For instance, if the oxygen levels from the room where the heater is working is dropping below a certain point, the oxygen depletion sensor will immediately shut of the heater.

Using Mr Heater Buddy products indoors and small recreational enclosures, such as enclosed porches, cabins, fishing huts, trailers, tent trailers, tents, truck caps and vans, you have ensure that there is adequate ventilation.

Retailers sell 3 major Buddy heater devices: MH18B–Big Body, MH9BX–Portable Buddy and MH4B–Little Buddy. Mr Heater places a number next to each of their models to indicate the maximum BTU output that the device is suited for. For example, the MH9BX–Portable Buddy must provide 9,000 BTU output and can heats up to 200 sq. ft.

*    Propane is one of the hydrocarbon types that have low emission carbon products and is relatively cheap when compared to other alternatives.

** The British thermal unit (symbol BTU or Btu) is a traditional unit of energy to about 1,055 jules. It is approximately the amount of energy needed to heat 1 pound (0.454 kg) of water  from 39 to 40 ° F (3.8 to 4.4° C).

*** Combustion or burning is an exothermic chemical reaction between propane and the oxygen from the air which results in heat production and release of carbon monoxide (CO2).